School Uniform
Boys –Class  Nursery to V
Half sleeved  shirt and Coffee colour pants.
Black shoes, White Socks, School Belt & Tie
Class VI and above:
Half sleeved shirt  and Coffee colour pant,
Coffee colour jacket, Black Shoes, White Socks & School Belt.
Girls – Class Nursery  to V 
Half sleeved shirt and Coffee colour Skirt,
Red Ribbon or Red Hair Band, 
Black Shoes, White Socks, Belt & Tie.
Class VI and above
Half sleeved shirt  and Coffee colourpant, Coffee colour jacket,
black shoes , white socks& school belt
Winter Season
Nursery to Class V 
Plane 'V 'neck maroon sweater for boys and girls.
Class VI and above:
Maroon Blazer
P.T. Uniform Class I to VIII
Boys & Girls
House wise T-Shirt, blue lower, white shoes,
white socks.
P.T. Uniform Class IX and above:
Boys & Girls
House wise Tracksuits.