Rev. Sr. RENY  Principal St Francis High School Sarni St.   Francis   is   our   Patron   Saint,   therefore   St.   Francis   Hr.   Sec.   School   is   Christened   after   St.   Francis. He   is   Well-Known   messenger   of   Peace   and   Patron   of   Ecology   of   this   planet,   where   we   live   in. Francis   School   Sarni,   was   established   on   18th   July   2000   by   the   Amala   province,   Bhopal   of   the Franciscan   Clarist   congregation.with   a   vision   to   promote   and   encourage   the   enthusiastic   students   of this   area   of   Sarni   .This   school   is   run   exclusively   by   St.   Francis   Society.   The   president   of   the   Society is   Rev.   Sr.   Princy   the   Provincial   Superior   Amala   Province   Bhopal.   Her   in   depth   involvement   in   the field   of   developments   and   her   marvelous   inspiration   is   right   before   you.   We   the   members   of   St. Francis   Society   is   deeply   indebted   to   her      profound   contribution,   the   love   we   received,   care   and concern   to   this   school   she   showed      is   inexplicable.Rev.   The   Prime   and   supreme   motto   of   this   school is   to   groom   the   students      in   a   manner   to   provide   him   or   her   to   transform   the   society   in   which   they live.    The    significant    concern    is    to    inculcate    a    moral    conscience    ,    self    awareness    and    ignite    the potentials   and   talents   that   are   latent   in   the   students,   and   make   a   person   capable   of   choosing   the   right from   the   wrong-   in   other   words   -   what   is   good. The   secondary   motto   is   the   acceptance   of   Fatherhood of    God    and    universal    brotherhood        is    the    eternal    pursuit    and    motivation.    This    is    our    goal    of education.   Therefore,   to   accomplish   such   a   status   ,   we   have   very   dedicated,   devoted   a   well   trained and   efficient   staff   .We   appreciate   and   recognize   their   sincere   and   noble   services   for   the   society   ,to augment   the   reputation   of   the   school. The   school   has      been   excelling   over   the   years   .Although   we   are in    the    infant    stage    in    implementing    the    system,    we    genuinely    hope    and    aspire    to    secure    a    safe position   and   look   forward   to   stature.   However   the   infrastructure   available   will   promote   the   students to   achieve   the   goal,   in   pedagogic   field   .School   is   the   cradle   of   a   child   a   second   home   where   he/   she learns      how   to   live   in   this   world.   .   Our   commitment   has   been   to   ensure   a   holistic   education   to   face the      challenges   ahead   of   them   .      We   emphasize   on   the      secret   of   the   three   C"s      ie.   Competentent Confidence,   and   commitment   help   to   bring   out   an   intellectually   brilliant   spiritually   contented   and socially    adjustable    being    ,    thereby    we    try    to    impart    the    best    of        education    using    the    modern Technology   and   teaching   aids.   We   have   a   well   set   up   of     Audio   Visual   lab,      We   take   this   opportunity to   commit   ourselves   to   do   our   best   to   serve      our   nation   .We   seek   the   blessings   from   God Almighty   to help and guide us in the future in the right direction. Thanks to one and all. Thank You  O lord