STUDENTS CODE OF CONDUCT   1. As I belong to this school I shall be loyal to it. It shall be my constant endeavour to Uphold the honour and the best tradition of my school. 2. I shall conduct myself with due respect to the school authorities and staff, greet them and obey their legitimate orders. 3. As cleanliness is next to Godliness, I shall be clean and take good care of my books and other belongings. I shall keep my school and its surroundings as clean as possible. 4. I shall be punctual to school. 5. I shall always be truthful, and never give or take dishonest help. 6. I shall always be ready to lend a helping hand at home to my parents, brothers and sisters, and in school to my teachers and companions. 7. I shall never use bad language but always speak politely using ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’,  ‘Please’, ‘Pardon me’, ‘May I’, ‘Can I’ etc.. As often as I can. 8. I shall practice tolerance and brotherliness. 9. I shall not leave the class with out the teacher’s permission and the school without the Principal’s permission. 10. I know that writing or scribbling on the walls and furniture is a serious offence. So I shall refrain from it. 11. I shall work hard and study my lessons regularly with out putting off the day’s work for the next day. 12. I shall not eat or chew anything during the class. 13. I shall not take part in any political activity, or join disruptive groups, knowing fully well that my primary duty is to acquire knowledge and equip my self for my future life. 14. The medium of instruction being English, the rule of Language in the school premises is ENGLISH. PARENT – TEACHER CO- OPERATION Parent   should   promote   wards   progress   in   studies   and   thus   bring   out   good   result;   Parents   should   make   use   of   the opportunity   to   discuss   the   progress   of   their   children’s   regularity,   punctuality   and   discipline   Parents/   Guardians shall   not   go   to   the   class   rooms   during   the   class   hours   nor   call   them   out   of   the   class.      In   case   of   any   urgency   they shall   contact   the   office.   Valuable   suggestions   of   parents/guardians   are   welcome.   But   no   collective   petition   or complaint   will   be   entertained.   The   school   administration   will   take   as   serious   view   of   parents   who   regularly   absent them selves from such meetings or show indifference towards their children’s education.