St. Francis School Sarni, was established on 18th July 2000 by the Amala province, Bhopal of

the Franciscan Clarist congregation. The school is under the a Registered Protiuncula

Society Bhopal. It is an un aid Christian minority school and one of the catholic schools in

the Arch diocese of Nagpur.

The school is affiliated to the central board of secondary education, Delhi. The Affiliation

number is 1030472. The medium of instruction is English, Hindi is taught as a second

language in all classes Admission is open to all regardless of caste creed and social status.

St. Francis School is the long cherished dream of the people of Sarni. Sarni is a semi urban

area situated in Madhya Pradesh State in Betul district and in Nagpur Diocese

In the beginning of the school was known as Vidhya Jyoti.

On 18th July 2000 the school was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Viruthukulangara the

Arch Bishop of Nagpur Diocese. The day we celebrated as the “ Akshararambhu Divas”. Thus

Vidhya Jyoti school was opened with 25 kids and Sr. Jyotis appointed as the Manager, Sr.

Sincitta as the head mistress and Sr. Deepti as an assistant teacher. The school was run for

three years in the convent building in 2002 According to the requirements of the parents the

name of the school changed into “ St. Francis School”.

In 2003 Sr. Sincitta is transferred and Sr. RIncy took charge as a principal. In July 2003 the

building was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr Abraham Viruthkuanagara the Arch Bishop of Nagpur

Diocese and classes began in new building.