RULES FOR ADMISSION Admission to KG section T hose   seeking   admission   to   Nursery   should   be   with   in   the   age   group three,   the   age   requirement   for   other   classes   will   be   on   the   basis   of   the above   as   a   rule.   The   application   for   Admission   Registration   should   be accompanied   by   an   authentic   document   containing   the   child’s   date   of birth.   We   accept   date   of   birth   certificates   only   from   Municipality   or Gram    Panchayat.    Affidavit    or    Hospital    Certificate    will    not    be accepted.   A   student   coming   from   an   affiliated   and   recognized   school must   produce   a   counter   signed   T.C.   with   a   clear   mention   of   date   of birth. Date of birth once registered will not be altered. The Principal reserves to herself the right to refuse admission to any student with out furnishing any reasons. NOTE: Once   the   Date   of   Birth   is   registered   in   the   school   records   it   will   not   be altered.   If   you   have   taken   admission   /   completed   registration   of   your   ward and   then   decide   that   you   don’t   want   to   continue,   the   school   will   not   refund the fee even if your ward has not attended even a single day of school.